About Us

Our Company

Amaza Enterprises is a well organized and medium size manufacturing company located in Sialkot, Pakistan.​ A company who have aim and vision to provide it’s clients the best and premium quality products made according to latest standards and with best materials in very economical and competitive prices. Our mission is to be honest, work hard, grow and stand tall like a Redwood Tree!  

Apparel industry is very vast and evolving everyday. In order to make our products & services world-class and timeless, we also keeps an eye on rapidly changing fashion trends around the globe and implement all the new standards & innovations in our marketing, sales, machinery, manufacturing, customisation & shipping departments. It helps us to make premium quality timeless products for our clients that can be resell and use all around the world.

Our Capabilities

Our products are completely manufactured in-house from Knitting the fabric to Packing the final product. This allows us to have complete authority on quality control and delivery timelines.

Our Vision

To work with the coherence of renowned global Brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Build trustworthy long term business relationships by providing on-demand high-quality sportswear.

Our Mission

To exceed our customer expectations by providing high-quality solutions through custom design, innovation, on-time delivery, cost-effectiveness, support and continuously improving manufacturing processes.